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Hose tape: the world's manufacturing center in China

2016/5/28      view:
Eve of the liberation, China hose tape industry is semi-paralyzed. After the founding of New China, hose tape industry opened a new chapter of development, becoming the world's manufacturing center of industrial hose tape, hose tape capacity, production, consumption volume ranking first in the world, a truly great power hose tape, to power forward. China hose tape industry has become the focus of attention of the world rubber industry, it affects the eyes of my colleagues in the world.
Together with the Republic started
In the initial stage of a century in the rubber industry, particularly hose tape industry behind only mainland China in Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other coastal cities have a few small businesses, and more for the Japanese. Eve of the liberation, hose tape industry is significantly reduced. According to the Shanghai Rubber local chronicles, the 1949 Shanghai tape production fell 56 percent over 1948, hose tape industry in a state of semi-paralysis.
Beginning of the birth of new China, the four major industrial raw materials as steel, coal, petroleum, rubber became the West "embargo" strategic materials. In 1951, the Central People's Government issued a call "We must build our own rubber base", ensure that the new China include industrial rubber hose tape, including the required raw rubber material supply.
August 29, 1952, Qingdao Rubber Factory sixth plant, the production cycle tire and rubber hose, rubber named Shandong Plant third branch. 1953 changed the state of the second rubber factory third plant will be transferred to the product cycle tire Qingdao with the Thai Rubber Factory, and has built a conveyor belt and V workshop workshop. July 1956 the plant was separated from the plant, the establishment of state-owned Qingdao Rubber Liu Chang, the same year the plant exports to North Korea and Cuba, conveyor belts, hose tape began the history of Chinese exports. During 1958 to 1964, with the development of industry, agriculture and transportation industry, new plants have tape hose into production.
The 1960s and 1970s, the CPC Central Committee and State Council made a major strategic decision juniors line construction and small three-line construction, so concentrated in a few coastal cities of hose tape industry radiation to the Chinese mainland. Country from the current international environmental considerations relevant part of the new industrial plant has a significant impact on the national economy and national defense construction built in the southwest and northwest areas of strategic depth, called the Third Front, with respect to the northwest and southwest of the Third Front, central and coastal hinterland called small three lines. Coupled with the "support mainland's economic construction," Before and after the call and the requirements of the whole country, Chinese hose tape industry in the country to take root and bear fruit.
Several five-year implementation plan to make hose tape industry has entered a stable stage of development, the country emerging new results. Reform and opening up began in 1978, China is changing the hose tape industry overall backwardness.
Applications continue to expand
After years of development, China hose tape capacity, output, consumption volume ranking first in the world.
At present, our hose production enterprises have grown to more than 1,000 enterprises above designated size reached about 300; product yield, quality, structure and business benefits, etc. have made great progress; product performance to meet the basic needs of the domestic industry, the overall level close to or reached the advanced national standards.
Recent data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's rubber hose production increased year by year, has been ranked first in the world; the full range of products, applications involving mining, petroleum, metallurgy, construction, machinery, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, automotive, aviation, marine, medical and other fields. Meanwhile, the car with a hose to the heat resistance, oil resistance, high pressure, and low penetration capability development, the development focus mainly concentrated in the fuel hose, air conditioning hose and hose turbocharger aspect; in addition to the oil industry with a hose drilling hose, vibration hose outside, currently has offshore oil hose development; coal industry hose hydraulic support hose main coal seam exploration water sealing retractable hose, all kinds of hose progressive realization of the resin, and the breakthrough series of wrapped structure, to meet the domestic required supporting units, to promote the development of our national economy and science and technology have played a role.
China is the world tape production and consumption country, the country has a certain scale of production enterprises more than 500 tape, tape products in recent years, the national annual consumption volume of the plastic (including resin) more than 100,000 tons, accounting for about 30% of the world's rubber consumption tape. According to rough statistics, the country's annual production capacity of the conveyor belt more than 500 million m2, V with an annual production capacity of about 2 billion Am, were ranked first in the world. National conveyor belt production has more than 300 million m2, V with annual output of more than 1.6 billion Am, tape annual production value of 100 billion yuan.
Our tape products, whether or conveyor belt varieties are more complete, and with international practice. High-level type PVC, PVG flame retardant with a yield increasing to meet the coal mine long-distance, large-capacity, high-speed transportation needs. ST-type flame retardant steel cord conveyor belt manufacturer number and production increased year by year, the country currently has more than 100 pieces of steel cord conveyor belt production line. In addition, in the construction of steel cord conveyor belt production line as well as several bars. In addition to meeting the needs of the belt drive automotive and machinery industry, but also to the development of new areas such as household appliances.
In recent years, industrial hose tape product structure is becoming more rational, testing methods, standardization basically with international standards. At present, in order to make synthetic fibers and steel cord conveyor belts skeleton about 90% of the total conveyor belt; V belt cord structure accounted for about 90% V belt of the total, close to the international advanced level. Hose tape and medium-sized enterprises have their own research and development departments, outstanding scientific research and engineering and technical staff is very valued. According to the China Rubber Industry Association hose tape branch of statistics, hose tape professional more than 300 patents.
International technological level par
In recent years, hose tape industry in accordance with national advocacy of scientific development, brand strategy and three circular economy concept to product safety, energy saving, environmental protection direction, a lot of technology to reach the world advanced level.
Hose connection, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment as well as the transformation of technology innovation, product quality, quality has improved significantly, high-performance products are emerging. China has mastered or partially mastered Enterprises temperature hose, fuel hose lead-free production, 150 ℃ grade EPDM radiator hose, floating or semi-floating type oil hose and deep seabed oil hose and other high-tech products or technology.
Tape regard, China's overall level of development with the international advanced level tape basic synchronization.
In terms of belts, V-belt level of quality continues to improve; reinforcing materials have been eliminated cotton cords, rayon cords and replace it with a polyester cord; chloroprene rubber is widely used in ordinary V belt; small and medium size models V-belt use has gradually replaced the traditional vulcanized autoclave pouches jaw vulcanizing press vulcanization. Automobile V belt reinforcing material has been eliminated cotton cords and rayon cords or cord; chloroprene rubber instead of the traditional natural rubber and SBR in the rubber; the structure has been edging to trimming formula development. Application and production of timing belts, although late, but the rapid development, is now capable of producing a variety of models of cars and mini-car timing belt, industrial belt have dozens of models, thousands of specifications. In addition, the V-ribbed belt, motorcycle V-belt, agricultural machinery V-belt, V-belt-sided, double-sided timing belt, synchronous multi-sided tape or the like wedge belts are also developing rapidly.
Performance and quality of the belt to further improve and enhance. General-purpose fabric conveyor belt to high-strength direction, steel cord conveyor focus on improving impact resistance, tear, abrasion and other properties. The rapid development of special-purpose conveyor belt, such as heat, cold, and yield oil, acid and high inclined conveyor belt continues to improve, in particular resistant conveyor belt temperature up to 300 ℃, even up to more than 500 ℃. Light conveyor gradually occupy an important position in the conveyor belt, the type specifications of hundreds of species. PVC, PVG overall core coal mine fire-retardant conveyor belt has been able to meet customer needs. Coal mine fire-retardant conveyor belt needed fabric laminate also passed technical appraisal departments, and access to applications.
Equipment manufacturing reborn
Hose production line equipment level of domestic progress quickly, knitting automated production lines, the length of a large automated fiber woven winding hose production line, including resin curing production line has successfully developed. Cold feed extruder, laser, ultrasonic wall thickness and straight-through automatic measurement and control has been widely used. In recent years, for the production of automotive hoses, China has successively introduced advanced production line fuel hose, air conditioning hose production line, brake hose production line, including TPX resin curing production lines.
Tape regard, some of China's large and medium enterprise tape has introduced a number of advanced tape production equipment and technology from Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions, while in the digestion and absorption on the basis of a large number of both developed and innovative approach international advanced level, but also with Chinese characteristics tape production technology and equipment, so that our tape production technology level to a new level. Our self-developed conveyor technology and equipment are: PVC dipping retardant conveyor belt production line, can be attached to a multi-layer synthetic fabric conveyor belt production line at constant tension, constant tension control system having a wire rope of steel cord conveyor belt production line, and large flat vulcanizing machine, drum vulcanizing machine, four-roll calender, cold feed extruder. Belt technology and equipment are: V-belt cord structure constant tension double drum machine, multi-belt machine, single drum or double drum belt cutting machine, multi-stripping machine with cylinder grinding machine, wedge-ribbed belt grinding machine , V belt measuring mill, autoclave pouches method and the like.
With the V-belt reinforcing material polyester, and the development of structural and trimming cord V belt, timing belt, ribbed belt and other belt, its production technology and equipment constantly changing. Constant tension cord molding machines, high-precision cutting machine, with cylinder grinding machine, grinding machine wedge, short fiber splicing film cutting machines and other applications have been developed.
Regional Development Achievements Features
Our hose tape enterprise wide distribution, quantity, but the relative and relatively concentrated. With the domestic enterprises to continuously survival of the fittest, market concentration is increasing, formed a scale enterprise advantages and regional advantages concentrated focus two important features.
The country's top enterprise eight hose pressure hose production accounts for about 70% of total production, the total of seven former production conveyor belt products accounted for about 60% of total production, high strength conveyor belt 35% concentrated in China rubber industry Association recommended brand of four-scale enterprises.
Hose tape industry has developed a number of unique local products and the development potential of production, marketing, export concentration. King County is the birthplace of Hebei rubber industry in recent years, the county seize the great opportunities of China's automobile, coal, metallurgy, oil and other industries rapid development, focusing on creating the first industry, the strongest and most characteristic industry industry, by grasping the cluster on technical innovation, supporting a leader, to build a base, to enhance the overall quality, level of equipment and the ability to innovate rubber industry, the rapid rise of the country's largest rubber pipe industry production and sales base. Currently, the county has more than 180 enterprises hose, where sales of more than 5 billion business; annual sales income of nearly 50 billion yuan, steel wire braided wire winding hose annual output of more than 30% of the national market; development and production of large diameter high pressure hose, oil hose marine, offshore oil platform riser and a number of high-tech products to fill gaps in the domestic, a dozen products to capture large-scale mining, agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing market, 25 products of national patents there are 16 products to fill the gaps.
Above-scale enterprises in Zhejiang conveyor production accounts for about 30% of total output conveyor. Hebei Province, mainly in Lixian belt, Boye area, the annual output of 120 million m2. National V output with more than 70% concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, Zhejiang Sanmen, Tiantai counties V with annual production capacity of 900 million Am, V belt production and the size of the market accounted for more than 25% of the country.
Since 2006, China (Jingzhou) Rubber tube industry base, China (three) tape production bases and China (the roof) tape production base in China (Boye) conveyor belt industrial city has become the base and other special duct tape industry clusters development resounding brand.