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Manufacturing battle: enterprise standard product registration will be canceled Forced Upgrade

2016/5/28      view:
Large vessels, vehicles, small bicycles, a toilet, a mobile phone, low standards or no standards "shoddy" products in daily life is not uncommon.
Can spacecraft into space, can dive dragon, leaking toilet was resolved well. Chinese consumers went crazy Japanese toilet lid buy things once sparked heated debate, reason is the poor quality of so-called toilet manufactured in China, the loss of consumer confidence.
Many people may have had this experience, is always in public places, elevator repairs, wear clothing not take long to open the line, in addition to bicycle bell does not ring everywhere in the ring ......
"In fact, these products are not doing well, but do not seriously, the lack of excellence artisan spirit and good industrial culture." Machinery Industry Information Institute (the "Institute of Machinery") president Wang Wenbin, "First Financial Daily "she said.
April 6, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement the "equipment manufacturing industry standardization and quality improvement plan" (hereinafter "promotion plan"), the manufacturing sector hit a "tough fight", with advanced standards Forced " China "upgrade.
National Standards Committee Director Tian Shihong told reporters at a regular briefing on the policy of the State Council Information Office held on the 8th, "the need to enhance the level of awareness of standardization and quality equipment manufacturing enterprise management and technical personnel. Speed up the training of highly qualified skilled workers, foster its artisan spirit of excellence. "
Quality improvement at stake "Made in China" Fate
"Artisan spirit is not a slogan, but the world's most intelligent and hard-working group of scientific and technological elite several decades to build out." Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Yu Chengdong said.
Huawei Group in a cell phone during transport, the transport vehicle tire fire occurred, resulting in the container part of the phone is affected. According to Production test NPL ratio 1.4% yield of 98.6%. This is 1.4% of the mobile phone is still a good phone to normal use, use after one or two years may be a problem. But decisively chose Huawei will be worth $ 20 million to destroy all the good phone, do not stay hidden, responsible for the consumer.
Today, many of Huawei executives in the office, but also keep Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei give them failed circuit board. Ren's purpose is very clear, it is to stimulate these executives have a strong sense of shame for the substandard quality of the product.
"Craftsman spirit", "quality improvement" has become China's manufacturing industry at stake the fate of the event.
Equipment manufacturing industry is a pillar of economic and social development, basic industry, is to enhance China's comprehensive national strength cornerstone. "Global manufacturing new competitive landscape is reshaping among the manufacturing industry has once again become the commanding heights of global economic competition." Mechanical Research Institute Shi Yong said.
Shi Yong For example, there are twenty-fourth prediction after 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China has 300 million people will be engaged in skiing. However, at present in China snowmaking machine almost entirely dependent on imports. "In fact, China's machine-made snow at minus 10 degrees Celsius, poor performance than abroad, but the temperature is above zero, it becomes a watering machine, but minus 10 degrees Celsius, you also need to make snow? Israel snowmaking machines, 30 degrees above zero can create snow. "
Shi Yong told reporters, China has the world's most complete manufacturing system, including 39 industrial categories, 191 classes, 525 subclasses, as the only country with all industrial categories of the United Nations Industrial Classification in the world. Completeness of the United States is only about 94% of China, Japan, is 90 percent less than China. Relatively complete industrial chain of China's equipment manufacturing industry provides a systematic competitiveness, China has more than 140,000 machine supplier, 75000 and communications equipment manufacturers, 104,000 transportation equipment manufacturing, supplier network size five times more than Japan.
But at the same time, China started late in manufacturing automation. Machinery Research Institute of China Research Group Automation Development Leader, Associate Professor Zhang Yan said that the world robot (62.650, 0.92, 1.49%) Statistical Association, an industrial robot penetration in mainland China less than fifths of Japan First, one-sixth of the United States and Taiwan.
According to data Nomura Securities, the rate of CNC machine tools, China CNC machine tool production was only 25%, a level close to the Japanese in 1988, Japan in 2012 CNC machine tools has reached 88%. China CNC equipment rate as that of Japan in the late 1980s.
Overall especially the core technology behind the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing sector is rooted in the level of standardization is not high. "Standard equipment manufacturing quality and technical basis of the core elements, is an important means of industrial management." Tian Shihong told reporters, to promote the Chinese economy towards high-end, improve product and service standards are key. To adhere to the standard lead, accelerate the improvement of national technical standards and improve the standard of nature, validity and applicability.
Tian Shihong introduced, according to "enhance the plan," five-year period, proposed a two-stage goal: By 2020, the industrial base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing standard system is basically sound, quality and safety standards with international standards to speed up the convergence, focus international standards conversion rate from the field and strive to more than the current 70% to 90%, and the quality of key equipment at or near the international advanced level; 2025, supporting systems, and services cross-border integration of equipment manufacturing industry standard system is basically sound, equipment manufacturing standards and quality of international influence and competitiveness increased significantly, to promote the quality of power from the manufacturing country, manufacturing power shift.
Delays in docking domestic standards with international standards
A survey found that as early as 2003, AQSIQ officials had announced that the next five years, the international standards into national standards conversion rate to reach 70% of major industrial products important industry standard adoption rate to reach 75% ~ 80%.
In other words, in 2003 set 2008 targets to be achieved by 2015 remain unfulfilled. Delays comprehensive national standards with international standards docking, what is the reason it has been difficult to achieve standardization of equipment manufacturers are?
According to this reporter learned that, in addition to previous years, the overall sense of the standard manufacturing low, the low manufacturing cost is also an important reason, larger profit margins has led some companies quick success, shoddy, "first made money talk."
China is not only higher than the current cost of manufacturing in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States reached more than 90% of the cost of manufacturing, in which the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta up to 95% of US manufacturing costs, China's manufacturing industry is facing cost competitiveness pressure.
Machinery Research Institute study shows that from 2004 to 2014, China's average annual wage growth has been in the 10% to 20%; industrial electricity prices higher than the average level of developed countries. 2014 OECD countries industrial average price of US $ 123.88 / thousand kWh, while the average price of Chinese industry and commerce or $ 139.43 / thousand kwh, China Business tariff is twice the average US tariff.
"Although the United States is China's equipment manufacturing industry wages of 6 to 7 times, labor productivity in the United States but also China's equipment manufacturing industry more than six times, the two meet, the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry in the overall cost does not have much advantage. "Machinery Research Institute," the United States re-industrialization on global and China's equipment manufacturing industry, "group leader, researcher Ju Simin said.
Some experts said that in 5000 years of Chinese traditional culture, there are many tenon, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and so full of the spirit of the artisan products. In developed countries the manufacturing sector in Germany, Switzerland, manufacturing artisan spirit soul. A Mercedes, a Swiss Army knife, no matter how much value will be artisans crafted, will not tolerate a quality defect.
Tian Shihong In the briefing that according to "enhance the plan," the implementation of the industrial base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing three standardization and quality promotion project. "Focus on strengthening the standard test validation and data accumulation, improve product standards of reliability and longevity indicators, supporting standard high solve Absence."
Last year, China put forward the "Made in China 2025", which is China's manufacturing power to realize the dream of a programmatic document. "Lift planning" how to "Made in China 2025" butt?
Tian Shihong responded by saying that "raising plan" is close to the "Made in China 2025" requires the relevant equipment manufacturing industry to develop standardization and quality in terms of how the work carried out to enhance the special plan. Around new-generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, new materials, high-performance medical equipment ten key areas, "lift plan" put forward the standardization and quality improvement requirements.
Enterprise standard product registration will be canceled
According to CBN reporter, the future of innovation will be standardization and quality management model to promote the reform of the enterprise management system standard.
Tian Shihong said, China will vigorously promote the reform of the enterprise management system standard, phasing product standards for the record. "From the existing experimental situation, cancel the record for small and medium micro enterprises has brought great convenience." Tian Shihong said the abolition of product standards for the record, so that enterprises according to their need to expose themselves in the manufacturing process involved in related products and services performance standards, from the "threshold setting" to "service." 18 provinces across the country began a pilot, piloting 13 industry sectors, such as building materials, household appliances, travel, elevator maintenance services.
Tian Shihong, said national and provincial levels will be the construction of enterprise information standards in public service platform. Enterprises can use this platform to public goods and service standards performed. This platform has been test run starting in January 2015. As of April 7, more than 25,000 enterprises standard self-disclosure statement, a standard amount of 80,000 more public, internet access exceeded 13 million times.
"In addition, the National Standards Committee will also encourage various places, various departments to carry out enterprise standardization and quality management skills training and technical services, providing standardization and quality technical advice." Tian Shihong said.
Improve product quality in China, the standard is one thing, but the standard has not yet reached the place, good industrial culture is the key. "Promoting the need to promote the modernization of industrial spirit, more than just physical objects modernization level change is more important is spiritual updating." Wang Wenbin think, need to make great efforts to foster industrial culture, so that all players in the industry are seriously strictly, from start to finish to every detail, and quickly improve the quality and reliability of equipment, really allows users to safely use our products.