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Hydraulic hose market is expected to more than 1 billion US dollars

2016/5/28      view:
Foreign market research firm recently released a report "Hydraulic Hose Market - Global Industry Analysis, size, share, growth, trends and forecasts (2014-2022)", the global hydraulic hose market is expected by 2022 to reach 1.002 billion yuan.
Hydraulic hose global market growth is the main driving factor in construction, agriculture, industry demand growth. In 2013, the global hydraulic hose market capitalization of $ 698 million, is expected from 2014 to 4.2% compound annual growth rate continued to grow.
Currently, the construction industry is the largest market, and the hydraulic hose. From the construction sector, the hydraulic hose needs to be able to adapt to the challenging environment, and industry is to ask, reliable hose products to prevent pipe rupture and leak, ensure the safety of workers. In addition, since the old hose has reached the useful life, and therefore also replace the hose on to the market growth.
Geographically, the hydraulic hose market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region in 2013 accounted for the largest market share, mainly due to high growth in construction projects.
Hydraulic hose of the major manufacturers have been innovative production to meet the growing demand for diversified and personalized, they also focus on strengthening its distribution network, thereby increasing their share in the global market.