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Chinese construction machinery industry towards intelligent manufacturing

2016/5/28      view:
Environment and the overall status of the development of construction machinery industry
Since 2015, China's construction machinery market demand continued downward direction, and each line segment field general decline than expected. Reducing the amount of infrastructure projects, a high degree of market saturation, financing, financial constraints and other reasons led to a series of engineering machinery enterprises new production equipment is difficult to sell. For customers to buy new equipment, the project to reduce the low rate of return, the project funds to complete even difficult to recover, thus forming a vicious cycle. Construction machinery industry export share began to decline, corporate sales, sales revenue and profit compared with previous years, are falling sharply. So now and in the future in a short time, the overall development of China's construction machinery industry situation is very grim. Looking at the world, the United States and Europe's economic recovery did not see the expected results, specific to the construction machinery industry has entered a period of adjustment.

Faced with this situation, we believe in the development of the more difficult times, the more you want to hard skills, increase innovation and R & D investment, improve product quality, to abandon the traditional extensive development model, to achieve the transformation and upgrading, companies are increasingly aware of this .

Currently construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises has made some achievements, such as leading enterprises to accelerate the process of internationalization, through innovation and the acquisition of advanced foreign enterprises greatly improve the core technology innovation ability, the number of patents is increasing; energy conservation, green manufacturing , noise damping achieved results, the highest energy consumption reduced mechanical dozen percentage points, damping noise reduction at present China has mastered the core technology; intelligence, information technology development to achieve results; companies began to attach great importance to after-sales service to meet customer demand.

Construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading core strategy
Energy saving and environmental protection, green manufacturing and remanufacturing, deepen the application of information technology will be the main direction of the construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading.

Our country is "the world's largest construction site," over the past few years, the construction industry led the rapid development of construction machinery, construction machinery products due to the emission requirements have been relatively relaxed, so the market flooded with a large number of high-emission products, has become China's current heavy burden on the environment. Overseas countries market access threshold for energy saving construction machinery products continues to increase, which is China's construction machinery exports is a huge challenge. In addition, users degree of concern for construction machinery in the increasing energy consumption indicators, energy has become an important subject of research and development of new products. In recent years, launched a series of new products, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important strategic development direction of construction machinery enterprises. Whether it is from the reduction of environmental burden, or break the external trade barriers and other considerations, the main trend of energy saving and environmental protection are the road construction machinery development.

Countries have been actively promoting green manufacturing, in accordance with the reduction, reuse, recycle principle, to reduce energy and resource consumption and emissions, so in addition to further develop energy-saving technology in the new machines, construction machinery remanufacturing but also to achieve energy saving Main direction. Today, the domestic construction machinery market holdings has more than 6 million units, we are entering the "post-market" period of rapid growth, but due to the flow of trade, and many other factors to assess non-standard, the standard is not perfect, so the mobile phone market mixed. In the process of development in overseas markets in the second-hand equipment, new equipment accounted for 10% profit margin, used equipment accounted for 15% profit margin, leasing accounted for 25% profit margin and accessories accounted for 25% profit margin and maintenance services accounted for 59% profit margins. China's construction machinery industry, the mobile phone market in the gradual development stage, how remanufacturing will now be treated as a market becomes tasteless after delicacy, worth companies think about the place.

Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report this year in the "Internet +" action plan, promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other new information technologies and traditional industries combined, promote Internet penetration to manufacturing traditional industries, sales logistics, product development and all aspects of traditional industry business model to redefine and enhance the transformation. Our engineering machinery manufacturing country, but also the Internet big country, the Internet and the integration of engineering machinery industry is vast, huge potential. Construction Machinery Association, "Thirteen Five construction machinery industry development plan" prepared by the trustee clearly stated: "to achieve the industry, business management, sales and service of digital, networked and intelligent application development to 2020 is the industry need to focus on breakthrough one common underlying technology. "

Future, as the pace of industry concentration to further accelerate and expand the international perspective of business, industry agile intelligent manufacturing collaboration reflects integration platform construction, personalized service and the use of Internet information technology for enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness demands the more urgent. The foreseeable future as the leading enterprise of booming Internet industry, with networking, big data, cloud computing as the representative of deepening the application of information technology, will be to transform and upgrade the power of engineering machinery industry.

Construction machinery industry towards intelligent manufacturing
"China 2025" proposed to focus on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering, as defined by the Ministry of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing is based on the generation of information technology throughout all aspects of design, production, management, services and other manufacturing activities, has an information depth self-perception, wisdom from optimization decisions, accurate control functions such as self-executing advanced manufacturing process, the system model in general. Having intelligent plant as the carrier, the intelligent key manufacturing sectors as the core, end data stream as the basis, to support networking and other features, which can effectively shorten the product development cycle, reduce operating costs, increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce resource and energy consumption.

For the construction machinery industry, intelligent manufacturing is not limited to the manufacturing process, but covers a market analysis, production management, processing and assembly, sales, maintenance, service, and the whole process of remanufacturing. Intelligent Manufacturing bring product technology, manufacturing technology advances and management technology enables enterprises to have the ability to respond quickly to market demand, adapt to the global market, diverse customer base, customized remote, off-site design, local production of new collaborative production model, the product manufacturing model, production organization mode, and enterprise business model, and many have undergone a fundamental change.

Intelligent engineering machinery manufacturing industry, including intelligent engineering machinery and equipment, intelligent manufacturing processes and intelligent service.

Intelligent engineering machinery and equipment by the physical components, intelligent member and the coupling member, wherein the member is made of intelligent sensors, microprocessors, data storage means, and control means constituting the software and built-in operations and user interface, the coupling member by the interface, wired or wireless coupling protocol, and the like. Intelligent construction machinery equipment allows information between devices Unicom, run the system, manufacturers and users, and allow some value and functionality from the device itself. Future intelligent construction machinery and equipment will have to monitor, control, optimization, and four independent functions. Through sensors and external data sources, smart devices capable operational status of equipment and the external environment to conduct a comprehensive monitoring, and warn the user or related parties when necessary; control is possible via the device built-in or device cloud commands and algorithms of equipment remote control; optimization is a real-time or historical data for analysis, implant algorithm, thus greatly improving the work efficiency of the equipment; autonomy is based on the detection, control and optimization functions, the unprecedented automation.

Intelligent manufacturing process refers to the intelligent manufacturing system as the core, intelligent plant as the carrier, through factories and enterprises within and between enterprises, and product life cycle to form a data interconnection is characterized by manufacturing network, real-time management of the production process and optimization, covering product design, process, digital design and simulation of factory planning, the underlying intelligence equipment manufacturing unit, automated production lines, manufacturing execution systems, logistics automation and management of enterprise management systems.

Smart services through acquisition equipment operating data, and upload to the corporate data center, the system software of the device real-time online monitoring, control, and data analysis through the early scientific equipment maintenance.

Construction Machinery Industry Intelligent Manufacturing System requires the following directions to start: to build digital models into business operations through business numbers, create a corresponding information system according to the appropriate business rules to provide intelligent manufacturing basic data platform; use networking technology to achieve automatic identification and communication equipment and material, to establish business logic mechanism based on business needs; based networks and field bus devices connected to data communication and state management systems and equipment acquisition; real-time acquisition of industrial data will pass data to business systems, business system for data analysis and disposal.

Things technology in the construction machinery industry
From the current application situation, the domestic construction machinery industry networking applications mainly based on GPS equipment, engineering machinery products to the remote location, and data collection and information processing, and various information systems and enterprise data interaction, combined with large data analysis, and ultimately achieve aid debugging, automated control, asset security management products, improve service efficiency, marketing services support decision-making, develop customer self-management.

The domestic construction machinery worth improve networking applications where there are several aspects:

Lack of standardization, relative to other areas, such as commercial vehicles, networking, the state has adopted a number of related standards in the construction machinery industry standard networking applications is almost empty, the standard really hindered the industry as a whole to enhance the application level.

Perception layer collected data is limited, such as the workload of the equipment, the level of real-time energy consumption data can not be obtained. For end users, these data are very important.

At the application layer, things mainly in construction machinery OEMs systems, such as quality control department, R & D department, service department, of little help to the end user.
Problem of information silos, engineering machinery enterprises have introduced a lot of information systems, such as ERP, MES, PDM, but these systems are not really effective with the networking platform integration, networking platform of data and information can not be fully applied.

Lack of scientific business model, networking platform requires businesses to invest in manpower and funds for construction and maintenance, if not a good business model has brought economic benefits, will hinder the further application of things.