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Energy saving and environmental protection, green manufacturing has become a trend in the construction machinery industry

2016/5/28      view:
Since 2015, China's construction machinery market demand downward, can be said to enter the cold wave of construction machinery industry, not only the business of new production equipment is difficult to sell, has purchased a new device, that is a reduction project low rate of return, the project funds to complete even difficult to recover. Therefore, experts predict that within a short time now and in the future, the development of the overall situation of China's construction machinery industry is very serious, and now the economic recovery in the US and Europe did not see the expected results, so construction machinery industry had entered a period of adjustment.
Our country is "the world's largest construction site," over the past few years, the construction industry led the rapid development of construction machinery, construction machinery products due to the emission requirements have been relatively relaxed, so the market flooded with a large number of high-emission products, has become China's current heavy burden on the environment. In recent years, overseas countries market access threshold for energy saving construction machinery products continues to increase, which is China's construction machinery exports is a huge challenge. In addition, users degree of concern for construction machinery in the increasing energy consumption indicators, energy has become an important subject of research and development of new products. In recent years, launched a series of new products, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important strategic development direction of construction machinery enterprises. Whether it is from the reduction of environmental burden, or break the external trade barriers and other considerations, environmental protection, green manufacturing has become the development trend of construction machinery industry.
Currently construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises have achieved some success, environmental protection, green manufacturing slogans affecting many domestic large and medium enterprises. For example, leading enterprises to accelerate the process of internationalization, through innovation and the acquisition of advanced foreign enterprises greatly improve the core technology innovation ability, the number of patents is increasing; energy conservation, green manufacturing, noise damping achieved results, the highest energy consumption down10 machinery a few percentage points, damping noise reduction at present China has mastered the core technology; intelligence, information technology development to achieve results; companies began to attach great importance to after-sales service to meet customer needs.