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Construction machinery industry of Internet Thinking

2016/5/28      view:
There are statistics, after-market business, including equipment maintenance services, spare parts sales, leasing, two mobile phones and remanufacturing business, including, for the US and European engineering machinery enterprises accounted for up to 80% of the profits. At the same time now, more and more Chinese construction machinery enterprises will shift the focus of development of post-market, deep secret agents to tap new profit growth point.
Thus, even if the Chinese construction machinery industry malaise for many years, the industry is still full of confidence, after the horn has sounded market era, new opportunities, new challenges lie ahead, calling us to greet.
After the construction machinery market with distinctive features, which makes clear its arrival. 1, the seller's market to a buyer's market, the enterprises to maintain existing customer oriented, and drive new customers and old customers by word of mouth; 2, the industry gradually shift the stock market from the incremental market, companies from a simple product Competition steering soft power competition; 3 development of the Internet and mobile technology, the consumption and production of the boundaries become blurred, consumer marketing system to become the most critical one.
Times of change always no shortage of new term. Set off a firestorm between the words in a moment when we realize that they have just entered the market after the era, called the "Internet +" of.
This is an inclusive concept of infinity. Whether in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, or traditional industrial manufacturing, or is in circulation, the service sector, have been shrouded in "Internet", they are trying to closely connected to the Internet in the Internet age this hope interconnection successfully upgraded, fast into the "Internet +" in the ranks.
The unlimited potential of the Chinese construction machinery market in hand after the Internet, the Internet's original thinking into the enterprise strategic planning, companies can use the faster speed delineation of the market, the business idea transforming into a viable business model. Among them, the "customer experience center" of Internet core thinking will boost China's construction machinery market concept after landing, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.